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Navigating MBBS in Russia

A Comprehensive Guide for Pakistani Students

Are you considering pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree abroad? Russia might just be the perfect destination for you. Renowned for its high-quality medical education, affordable tuition fees, and diverse cultural experiences, Russia has emerged as a popular choice for Pakistani students aspiring to become doctors. Let’s explore various aspects of studying MBBS in Russia, from admission requirements to post-graduation options, and everything in between.Russia, the largest country in the world, boasts a rich history of medical education and research. Its medical universities are recognized globally for their state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced faculty, and rigorous curriculum. The duration of the MBBS program in Russia is typically six years, including one year of internship.

Why a Pakistani Should Study MBBS in Russia?

There are several compelling reasons why Pakistani students should consider pursuing MBBS in Russia:

  1. Quality Education: Russian medical universities are accredited by global medical bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of Pakistan (PM&DC), ensuring high-quality education.
  2. Affordable Tuition Fees: Compared to many Western countries, the cost of studying MBBS in Russia is significantly lower, making it an attractive option for Pakistani students.
  3. International Recognition: A medical degree from a Russian university is recognized worldwide, opening doors to global career opportunities.
  4. Cultural Diversity: Studying in Russia offers students the chance to immerse themselves in a rich cultural tapestry, fostering personal growth and global perspectives.

What is the Difference between Pakistani and Russian MBBS Degrees?

While the core curriculum and medical training are similar in both countries, there are some differences between Pakistani and Russian MBBS degrees:

  1. Language of Instruction: In Russia, most medical universities offer MBBS programs in English, whereas in Pakistan, Urdu is the primary medium of instruction.
  2. Curriculum Structure: The duration and structure of the MBBS program may vary slightly between Pakistan and Russia, but both adhere to international medical education standards.
  3. Clinical Exposure: Russian medical universities emphasize hands-on clinical training from an early stage, providing students with extensive practical experience.

What is the Requirement to Study MBBS in Russia?

To study MBBS in Russia, Pakistani students must fulfill certain eligibility criteria, including:                    

  1. Academic Qualifications: Applicants must have completed their Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as compulsory subjects.
  2. Language Proficiency: Most Russian universities require proficiency in English or Russian. Applicants may need to provide evidence of language proficiency through standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL.
  3. Medical Examination: Applicants may need to undergo a medical examination to ensure they are physically fit to pursue medical studies.

What is the Duration of MBBS in Russia?

The duration of the MBBS program in Russia is typically six years, including five years of academic study and one year of compulsory internship or clinical rotation.

What is the Fee Structure of MBBS in Russia?

The tuition fees for MBBS programs in Russia vary depending on the university and location. On average, tuition fees range from $3,000 to $7,500 per year. Additionally, students may incur additional expenses for accommodation, books, and living expenses.

What are Some Famous Scholarships for MBBS in Russia?

Several scholarships are available to Pakistani students pursuing MBBS in Russia, including:

  1. Russian Government Scholarship: The Russian government offers scholarships to international students based on academic merit and financial need.
  2. Bilateral Scholarships: Some scholarships are awarded under bilateral agreements between Pakistan and Russia, facilitating educational exchange.
  3. University Scholarships: Many Russian universities offer merit-based scholarships to international students to support their academic pursuits.

Cultural Adjustment and Student Life

Adjusting to a new culture and environment can be challenging, but Russian universities offer extensive support services to help international students settle in. From on-campus accommodation to cultural orientation programs, students are provided with the necessary resources to thrive in their new surroundings. Additionally, Russian cities offer a vibrant student life with a range of cultural, recreational, and social activities.

Internship and Clinical Training

Clinical training is an integral part of the MBBS program in Russia. During the final year of study, students undergo a one-year internship or clinical rotation in affiliated hospitals and healthcare facilities. This hands-on experience equips students with the practical skills and knowledge required for their future medical practice.

Post-Graduation Options

Upon completing their MBBS degree in Russia, Pakistani students have several options:

  1. Return to Pakistan: Many students return to Pakistan to pursue post-graduate medical education or begin their medical practice.
  2. Global Career Opportunities: A Russian MBBS degree is recognized worldwide, enabling graduates to explore career opportunities in other countries.
  3. Further Specialization: Graduates can pursue further specialization through post-graduate programs in various medical fields.

Visa Process and Legal Requirements

Pakistani students intending to study MBBS in Russia must obtain a student visa from the Russian Embassy or Consulate in Pakistan. The visa application process typically requires proof of acceptance from a Russian university, proof of financial means, and medical insurance coverage. Additionally, students must comply with Russian immigration laws and regulations throughout their stay in the country.

Worldwide Career Prospects After MBBS from Russia

A medical degree from a Russian university opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities worldwide. Whether returning to Pakistan to practice medicine or exploring opportunities abroad, graduates of Russian MBBS programs are well-equipped to succeed in their chosen career paths. The rigorous academic training and practical experience gained during their studies prepare them for the challenges of modern medical practice.

Russian Medical Colleges and Universities; Green-Listed by PMC

The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) maintains a list of recognized foreign medical colleges and universities, known as the “green list.” Pakistani students planning to study MBBS abroad should ensure that their chosen institution is included in this list to avoid any issues with medical licensure or certification upon their return to Pakistan. Several Russian medical universities are included in the PMC green list, providing Pakistani students with a wide range of reputable options for pursuing their medical education. These Russian institutes are listed herewith.

Kazan State Medical University

Orenburg State Medical University

Altai State Medical University

Pacific State Medical University

Amur State Medical Academy

Penza State University Medical Institute

Astrakhan State Medical University

People’s Friendship University of  Faculty of Medicine

Bashkir State Medical University

Perm State Medical University

Belgorod National Research University Medical Institute

Petrozavodsk State University Faculty of Medicine (PetrSU)

Cecenja State University Medical Institute

Privolzhsky Research Medical University

Chita State Medical Academy

Rostov State Medical University

Chuvash State University Medical Institute

n National Research Medical University

Dagestan State Medical University

Ryazan State Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Medical University

Far Eastern Federal University School of Biomedicine

Saint Petersburg Medical and Technical Institute

Far Eastern State Medical University

Saint Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University

First Moscow State Medical University

Saint Petersburg State University Faculty of Medicine

Ingush State University Faculty of Medicine

Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric-Medical University

Irkutsk State Medical University

Samara State Medical University

Ivanovo State Medical Academy

Saratov State Medical University

Izhevsk State Medical Academy (ISMA)

Siberian State Medical University

Kabardino-Balkarian State University Faculty of Medicine

Smolensk State Medical University

Kazan Federal University

South-Ural State Medical University

Kemerovo State Medical University

State Classical Academy

Khanty-Mansiysk State Medical Academy

Stavropol State Medical University

Kirov State Medical University

Surgut State University Institute of Medicine

Krasnoyarsk State Medical University

Tula State University Medical Institute

Kuban State Medical University

Tver State Medical University

Kursk State Medical University

Tyumen State Medical University

Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Medicine

Ulyanovsk State University Medical Faculty

Medical Institute of Tambov State University

Ural State Medical University

Medical University REAVIZ

Volgograd State Medical University

Military Medical Academy S. M. Kirov

Voronezh State Medical University

Molotovskij Medical Institute

Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University

National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University

Yaroslavl State Medical University

Moscow Institute of Medico-Social Rehabilitation

Northern State Medical University

Moscow Medical Institute of Health Ministry

Novosibirsk State Medical University

Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

Novosibirsk State University Institute of Medicine

Naval Academy of Medicine

Omsk State Medical University

Bashkir State Medical University

Kazan State Medical University

North Ossetian State Medical Academy

Altai State Medical University

North-Eastern Federal University

Amur State Medical Academy

North-Western State Medical University I. I. Mechnikov

Astrakhan State Medical University

Cecenja State University Medical Institute

Belgorod National Research University Medical Institute

And many others


In conclusion, studying MBBS in Russia offers Pakistani students a unique opportunity to receive world-class medical education in a culturally rich and diverse environment. With its affordable tuition fees, international recognition, and extensive career prospects, Russia has become a preferred destination for aspiring doctors from Pakistan. By understanding the admission requirements, academic structure, and post-graduation options, Pakistani students can make informed decisions about pursuing their medical education in Russia.